The action "Forest Week" was started

15 апреля 2019

The Republican campaign “Forest Week” started on Saturday, April 13. UE "Belgiproles" on April 13 actively participated in the campaign "Forest Week". 30 employees of the company were engaged in planting forests in Zaslavl forestry of the State Forest...

Selected slogan "Forest Weeks - 2019"

29 марта 2019

The Ministry of Forestry, in preparation for the “Forest Week - 2019” campaign, proposed to become the authors of the event’s motto. In total, about 200 different options from 111 authors came to the competition for the slogans of the action. The...

Action "Earth Hour 2019"

26 марта 2019

March 30, 2019 in Belarus for the eleventh time will be a global environmental campaign "Earth Hour", initiated worldwide by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). "Earth Hour" is the most famous environmental event in the history of mankind. This event...

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  • Unitary Enterprise “Belgiproles”
  • 220002, V.Horuzhei str., 41
  • Minsk, Republic of Belarus

About Company

The company from 1965 to 1991 was the Belarusian branch of the institute «Soyuzgiproleskhoz». The objectives of the branch was to provide forest enterprises with design and estimate documentation.
Since 1991, the Belarusian branch of the institute «Soyuzgiproleskhoz» reformed the Belarusian State Design and Survey Institute «Belgiproles», since 1996 it was renamed the State Design and Survey Enterprise «Belgiproles».
In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus of May 5, 2000 No. 103, the Belgiproles State Design and Survey Enterprise was reorganized into the «Belgiproles» Design and Exploration Republican Unitary Enterprise (Belgiproles UE).
The initial goal of the establishment of the enterprise was a development of construction projects for hydro-melioration and road objects. At the moment, our specialists carry out various works and provide services in more than 10 major directions.
Over its more than 50-year history, the company carried out design and survey work in the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation, Karelia and in all areas of the Republic of Belarus.



To perform work on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, «Belgigroles» UE received the following special permits:

- Certificate of accreditation for the right to conduct verification of measuring instruments;

- Accreditation certificate for the performance of work on the certification of labor protection management systems;

- Certificate of Conformity for work on forest certification.


«Belgiproles» UE having 50 years of experience in many areas of forestry and environmental design is ready to perform design and survey, scientific and technical work on the objects:

1. Road – construction:
- construction and overhaul of forest roads;
- schemes of transport development of enterprises;
- search and exploration of road-building materials, etc.

2. Reforestation:
- creation and reconstruction of forest seed plantations;

3. Fire and forest protection measures:
- technical projects of the forest fire control of forestry;
- construction of fire-chemical stations, fire-fighting reservoirs, fire observation towers.

4. Labor protection

5. Verification of measuring instruments and tools

6. Rationing of labor and material resources
- Revision and development of technically sound standards for the production and consumption of fuel, energy and raw materials.

7. Standardization and quality management

8. Carrying out forest certification

9. Development of regulatory and technical documentation (regulations, rules, recommendations, instructions, instructions, standards, payment and technological maps, etc.)

10. Performance of functions of the customer, developer, provision of engineering services in the implementation of activities in the field of construction of facilities.

We ask all interested to send applications for the execution of these works to the address of Belgiproles Unitary Enterprise: 220002, Minsk. V. Horuzhey St., 41 or by e-mail: